Michael Chatzakis AKA DJ Delicious, music producer and DJ extraordinaire.

DJ Delicious is in the house, on the rooftop, in the club… and rocking the beach party. He’s everywhere right now, leaving a trail of dancing feet in his wake. When he steps up to the decks you’d better cancel all other plans ‘cause you won’t be leaving for a while! Let the good times roll… from opening for Avicci at H2O to other major dance festivals such as Ultra South Africa, DJ Delicious is fast growing in popularity.

He’s taking the South African music scene by storm, having opened his own recording studio along with securing a mainstream radio residency under his pseudonym Groove Battery. From performing with a live vocalist to winning DJ competitions, DJ Delicious is as diverse in his appearances as he is exciting to be around. His energy is contagious and has dance floors on fire. From playing for Saudi royalty in the Seychelles to corporate events or underground parties – he gets it. The crowd is putty in his hands once he’s got an idea of who he’s working with. He knows a hit when he hears one and can build an unforgettable set with mastery and a bucket-load of good times.

Fusing an impressive technological know how with some sweet melody magic, DJ Delicious has made a big impression at the thousands of events he’s played. Since gaining attention after co-producing one of the first completely local dance albums, Full Throttle, he’s been building an expertise that leaves every party-goer begging for more. And he’s only getting better and better. Watch out South Africa.